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North Main, Saturday Night (B&W)

North Main, Saturday Night (B&W)

Inspiration, for me, is never a planned event. It always strikes me in the moment and takes me where ever I feel it must. Thus, if I have the time, I get the camera out and feed my soul with the energy of what I found. The moments I don't have time or my camera is not with me, I store that vision and energy away, while I find the time to express it and nurture my being with it.

This image of Main Street was not planned. In fact, the plan for the evening was to be in the medical center, shooting the main thorough fare. When that fell apart, I drove back to my work and looked around. That's when my instinct caught it, the energy of inspiration. I walked onto the North Main Street bridge over the bayou and looked south into the heart of the city. There it was, the shot I had come to find. From there it was setting up the tripod and seeing to the technical aspects of the shot. Neutral Density Filters, Check. Wired Trigger, Check. All was ready.

The resulting image took about one and a half hours to get. I was battling mosquitoes, humidity, and headlights from the light rail and cars. Definitely worth the time and effort, as this is a view I don't think many see in downtown.

I felt compelled to do a black and white version of this image. The colors, I felt, were vivid yet distracting from the details of the image. Using a different development process, I brought the details forward to show the intricacy of the city. For those who are curious, this was taken from the North Main Street bridge over the bayou looking south.